Orthodontic Appliances Specialist

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Orthodontic Appliances services offered in Richmond , TX

Some people need a bit more help with alignment than braces can provide. That’s where orthodontic appliances come in, and Nicole Thompson, DMD, of Lovely Smiles Orthodontics in Richmond, Texas, can help you find the best appliances for your unique alignment needs. That process begins by booking a visit online or by phone at your earliest convenience. 

Orthodontic Appliances Q & A

What are orthodontic appliances?

The term “orthodontic appliances” refers to a wide range of dental devices. They are an important part of orthodontic care.

Some orthodontic appliances are removable and can be placed and removed without any professional assistance. Others are fully fixed in place by Dr. Thompson and can’t be removed on your own. A third option is called removable-fixed, giving Dr. Thompson a choice on how to install the devices.

All orthodontic appliances are custom-fitted to your unique dental specifications. This approach makes them more comfortable to wear and more efficient in treating your alignment issues. 

What are some orthodontic appliance options?

There are many different types of orthodontic appliances, each designed to perform specific functions. Advancements in dental technology and manufacturing have dramatically increased the comfort and efficacy of these devices. Some examples of these orthodontic treatment tools include:

  • Rubber bands, or elastics
  • Turbo brackets
  • Temporary anchorage device
  • Palatal expander
  • Herbst appliance
  • Carriere Motion Appliance
  • Lip bumper
  • Face Mask
  • Bite Plate
  • Bite splint
  • Transpalatal bar

This is far from a comprehensive list. Dr. Thompson has a wide variety of orthodontic appliances to choose from, and the training and experience needed to select the best fit for any set of needs.

How do I know if an orthodontic appliance is necessary?

There’s no need to do anything special to determine if you could benefit from an orthodontic appliance. During your routine orthodontic visits, Dr. Thompson assesses your treatment progress and makes adjustments as needed. 

In some cases, the need for a specific orthodontic appliance is clear from the onset of treatment, especially for kids in early orthodontic treatment. Other times, the need for these specialized devices does not become apparent until after treatment is underway. 

If Dr. Thompson feels an orthodontic appliance is a good option for you, she explains everything you need to know about the device and how to properly maintain, clean, and wear it during this portion of your treatment plan. 

If you’re ready to find out how orthodontic treatment can transform your smile, call the Lovely Smiles Orthodontics office to set up a visit or book online any time of day or night.